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"Delivering an exceptional customer experience through attention to detail and human care"

About us

Our company Vice-President, Juliana Lim, LCB, is a first generation Korean-American immigrant that rose through the ranks to become a Licensed Customs Broker and founder of an international company. Still deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm, Juliana and David Lim (President) work hard to direct the company in its focus - delivering an exceptional customer experience through attention to detail and human care. Most of Juliana's original customers of twenty years are still loyal clients and patrons of the firm.

For twenty years, Juliana Lim CHB, Inc. has been the US's trusted, caring Customs Brokerage and compliance service firm. With strong proficiencies in e-commerce, food & beverage, toys, exercise equipment, textiles, apparel, electronics, and more, we focus on an elevated client experience with an all-encompassing protection plan for your supply chain

"Compliance isn’t just a word…
…it saves you money, speeds your shipments, and promotes a good brand image."

Non-compliance is expensive: “In fiscal year 2020, CBP collected $20,111,943 from importers as a direct result of non-compliance activity” (unpaid duties and penalties) []

Non-compliance is slow: Exams can take over  a week to complete, delaying your shipments’ arrival. Detention of goods is an even lengthier process.

Non-compliance is bad for brand image: Especially for commodities which are especially sensitive to buyer perception, like food and toys,

"Quick and All-Encompassing Service to You Allows Compliance to Flourish."

Hotline Consultant

We are always here

Someone will always pick up the phone during business hours

• Urgent question? Give us a call. We’ll get you an answer

Typing on Laptop

Quick follow up on emails

No more waiting for your broker to get back to you. If you don’t receive a response to an email within an hour during business hours, it may be in our spam folder, so please send again and then give us a call. (But don’t worry – we check our spam folders regularly too!)

Young Accountant

Client compliance auditing

• When you begin to work with us, your seasoned account representative or a licensed Customs broker (might be one and the same person) will get as much detail on your product and shipping situation to ensure there are no compliance gaps

• When our audit is complete, we will generate our recommendations for your compliance needs. If those recommendations are within ours or our partner’s capabilities, then you can begin crossing those tasks off your list. We make it so easy!

Shipping Boxes

At least one pair of eyes on every shipment

• Not only do we clear customs for your shipment, we mitigate the risk of any “surprises” after conditional release.

• Most brokers clear your shipment, and then forget about it. That’s because their operations staff is not organized like ours.

• It is our policy to have at least one team member ensure there are no additional concerns for any entry for 2-3 days post release and arrival at the port. 

• This gives you peace of mind knowing that a professional is seeing your shipment all the way through to the end.

Industry we serve

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Juliana Lim is North America’s most innovative and knowledgeable

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