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"Protect your products’ freshness by trusting the experts.”

Our approach

If you import fresh foods and vegetables, you know that timing is everything. But any issue with compliance can trigger exams, fines, and worst of all – time wasted from the port to your customer. That’s why we guide clients through regulatory checklists and scenarios before your fresh foods ship. We also pre- file all fresh food entries in case routine USDA-APHIS exams are requested or needed. This allows you the maximum amount of time to alert your clients of arrival times. […]

Services we offer

1. Permit audit and purchasing

2. FDA registration

• Services our consultants offer:

1. FSVP Preparation

See what our clients have to say 

"Fresh Taro is one of the most popular foods of Samoa, an island nation in the middle of the South Pacific. But the specific type of Samoan Taro cannot grow successfully in the US. As there are many Samoans living in the United States, there is a strong demand for the Samoan staple. However, the traditional importation strategy has been for Samoan growers to sell to markets, where due to lengthy time between shipping and presentation at the supermarket, much of the Taro goes bad. To this, our client Taro Hut remedies the freshness issue by pre-selling Taro to clients and shipping it to
them directly" 
(learn more at

Keeping the Taro fresh is the biggest goal. To do this, we prefile Taro Hut’s entries 5 days before arrival in case APHIS chooses to do a routine inspection; if they do, Taro Hut can adjust their delivery dates ahead of time for their clients. And once the container arrives, they are able to deliver the freshest, high quality Samoan Taro directly to their customers.

Industry we serve

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