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Live animals

Dalmatian Dog

"...helped Combat Corals for less than his previous broker, and with much better follow up."

- Combat Corals

Our approach

Whether its aquatic animals, dogs, cats, or even exotic animals, importing live animals is a rewarding experience for everyone involved. But getting things right the first time is critical to keeping our furry friends happy and healthy. That’s why we interface with Fish & Wildlife at the maximum amount of allowable time to schedule inspections, and follow up promptly on the day of exam (provided we have all necessary documentation). If the shipment is local to Los Angeles, we can even appear at the examination for you if needed. We are familiar with CITES and the permitting involved from different exporting countries. 

Servcies we offer

a.    Fish and Wildlife Inspection Scheduling 

b.    Examination liaison (if needed)

i.    Los Angeles area ONLY

Services our partner offer

a.    Live animal transportation between freight locations, and or/delivery (contact for details)

i.    Call Magic CarPet Rides (310-908-9946)

A story from our live animal clients

"Combat Corals has been supplying their clients with live coral consistently. But early on, their previous broker charged them very high rates and was not very responsive in service. That is when Hugo, the company president, reached out to us. We were able to help Combat Corals for less than his previous broker, and with much better follow up. At the time of inspection, Fish & Wildlife at LAX had all the necessary paperwork to ensure a quick and painless inspection for the live coral."

Industry we serve

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