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Customs Clearance 

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Our policy is to pre-file entries up to 5 days prior to vessel arrival at port for ocean shipments, provided that we have all necessary information to make entry. This helps ensure a faster turn-around time for release of the container once it arrives. For air shipments, it is our policy to file as soon as we receive the airwaybill to ensure faster clearance.

ISF Filing (10+2)

Our policy filing ISF’s is to file 72 hours prior to departure from the foreign port, instead of the required 24 hours. This is of course entirely dependent on whether or not we receive all information before filing.

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Because of our unique operating software, we are one of a few brokerages that are currently able to do Drawbacks. We have a national reputation for processing:

• Unused Merchandise Drawback

Duty Free Program Consultation:

Programs we have already implemented for our clients:

1.  GSP
•   LDC and non-LDC countries

2.   COTPA
4.   KORUS


Programs we are capable of advising on:

1.    USMCA
2.    AGOA
3.    Civil Aircraft
4.    IFTA
5.    CBTPA
6.    Jordan

7.    SFTA
8.    CFTA
9.    UMFTA
10.    UBFTA
11.    Oman

12. Peru

13. Panama

Compliance Consultation

Our partners;

Magic CarPet Rides

All other services we provide

• FDA Prior Notice
• APHIS permit purchasing
• F&W Inspection Scheduling
• Scheduling

• Lacey’s Act


For first-time customers, please download and complete the Power of Attorney form. For returning customers, please download our ISF filing template. We look forward to serving you!

Our Power of Attorney procedure is more thorough than most other Customs brokers. We hold ourselves to proposed rule-changing standards from Customs. 

Power of Attorney Questionnaire 

ISF Filing Sheet

For new and returning customers. Our policy is to file the ISF 72 hours prior to departure, as opposed to CBP’s minimum 24 hours

To learn more about these standards, please follow the link here . If you have any questions, please email us at or call the office at 310-417-7966 during business hours (M-F 8:30 am – 5:30 pm PST)

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