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Printed Textile

We have served textile importers for 20 years

Our approach

Textile importers have long been the backbone of fashion designers in the US, playing a critical part in the advance of the art by providing high quality and fairly priced fabrics. From a cost perspective, textiles have some of the highest duty rates possible for an imported product (as high as 38% in some cases), and proper classification of textiles can swing your duty rates from 52% to Free.  Correct classification is essential to keeping your costs down and maintaining the integrity of your business.

Factors which can affect duty rates for textiles:​​​​

1. Country of Origin: 


•  Depending on the country of origin, extra duties may apply, such as Section 301 goods from China

•  But country of origin greatly depends on what process of the fabric is done in which country

Ex. A textile piece with cotton grown in India, but woven and dyed in China, is a product of China. This means it is subject to additional duties as high as 25%

2. Composition:

•  Construction: Knit or woven  /  Stapled or filamented    /    Dyed, bleached, printed yarn

•  Material: Cotton, polyester, many other materials all determine different duty rates

Industry we serve

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