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"We help lighten your load and give you peace of mind by taking the regulatory guess work out of your import equation.”

Our approach

Delivering your brand to American shelves is an exciting process which cements your company in the international business community. But if you’ve imported or exported food before, you know it takes a colossal amount of work it takes to get your product there. We help lighten your load and give you peace of mind by taking the regulatory guess work out of your import equation. Whether its food labelling, nutrition facts, new import restrictions, we and our network can solve any problem that arises. We have worked to get established food importers taken off the dreaded FDA “red list”, and we proactively work with existing clients to keep you off of it.  We offer the same pre-shipment regulatory checklist that we do for our fresh food clients, with the awareness of other regulatory hurdles (such as dairy, poultry, and other regulations specific to processed foods). Additionally, our pre-file policy means that if we have all the information, we will file your entry up to five days before it gets to the port. That way you can deliver your brand with the assurance of a timely arrival. We clear human food as well as animal food! 

Services we offer

• Permit audit and purchasing
• FDA registration
• Product labelling consultation

Services our consultants offer

• FSVP preparation
• Nutrition labelling consultation

See what our clients have to say 

The story of Holle:  - Holle is an internationally acclaimed brand for infant and toddler food and formula. You may see small quantities of it in the US, with the labels in German and sold for an expensive price. Due to conflicts in US and EU infant formula requirements, any Holle products were not able to be licitly imported outside of small, personal use shipments. With this, the US consumer was cut off from a more reliable, cost-effective way to feed their little ones with the high quality product. JSG Organics came to change this. CEO Ron Blitzer assembled an international team to supply the beloved brand to the states for the first time in large scale – the right way. But doing this was not easy. Many regulatory issues stood in the way. However, with our binding rulings from CBP on the products, hard work with our consultant EAS, and constant perseverance from JSG, Holle has officially landed in the US. This particular product is being exclusively sold at Whole Foods. Click here to learn more about Holle in the USA.” 


“Juliana Lim CHB was so helpful in us getting Holle toddler beverage to the US. This was a tough project, but from the start they stuck with us and supplied us great information really quickly. Every time I called them, they’d get me a detailed answer and even made custom-tailored documents for our overseas supplier. We’re looking forward to working with Juliana CHB for our future projects importing wholesome, high-quality toddler food and beverages.”

– Ron Blitzer, CEO JSG Organics / Serial Entrepreneur”

Industry we serve

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